About Gunsmith At Large In Littleton

Parker Wiley, Owner

Parker Wiley, Owner

History:  Since 2016 Gunsmith At Large has been Denver’s most respected and trusted destination for all of your firearms maintenance and customization needs.  Veteran owned and operated, this Colorado company has always been dedicated providing the highest quality service available.  Gunsmith At Large was founded with express purpose of preserving the Gunsmithing trade and American manufacturing and craftsmanship.  From our founder to the newest apprentice, everyone here is a degreed Gunsmith and a dedicated craftsman with years of experience

Petey, Day Shift Manager

Future:  As we grow we are constantly adding new tooling to increase our range of services, quality and speed of turn around.  This is first and foremost a workshop.  You will never pay extra for a fancy showroom or a name with nothing behind it.  Every product that we sell or recommend has been used and tested by us or our friends in the industry.  At the end of the day we want to create long lasting relationships, not quick sales.  We traffic in honesty, not trade secrets, and good advice is always free.

A Veteran Owned Business in Littleton

Giving Back:  We fully aware that we won the lottery just by being born in America.  We enjoy unique freedoms that are realized nowhere else on earth, and we know why we have them.  To this end we make it a point to support not only the organizations that support the industry, but the charities that cater to those that have paid for those freedoms.  Since our very first year we have donated more in labor, product and cash donations than our owner takes in pay.  Some of the deserving organizations that we support are: